Swell Studios Rebrand

Swell Studios Rebrand

Swell Studios Rebrand

After a few long months of rebranding Swell Studios, it is finally complete! It’s been a journey trying to brand your own company – can any one relate?  I do this daily for other companies but there’s something about doing it for yourself that makes it so challenging. I first started the process with developing a mood board.  I would design one, like it for an hour, then redesign it.  Needless to say, I am glad I’m done with the rebranding.

My main goal with the rebrand was to step away from the ‘homemade’ look to something more modern, professional, and sophisticated.


My friend Tripp illustrated this beautiful piece for  Swell Studios.  I absolutely love this piece! Its unique and really captures the essence of Swell Studios.

The message behind the art: The work explores themes related to design & photography and their relationship/connection to nature, which everything is made of. The rope in the form of the ampersand ligature holding the traditional camera together represent the word “and” that connects two words together like holding the camera.


Here is the official logo! I have 4 colors that are interchangeable with the logo and can be seen around the website: gold, dark teal, grey, and navy blue.


Have a great day! I’m in Brazil til Thursday night – updates to come!

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